The Republic of Ghana, a member of the British Commonwealth situated on the West Coast of Africa between the Ivory Coast and Togo, has an area of 92,098 sq. mi. (238,537 sq. km.) and a population of 19.93 million, almost entirely African. Capital: Accra. Traditional exports include cocoa, coffee, timber, gold, industrial diamonds, maganese and bauxite. Additional exports include pineapples, bananas, yarns, tuna, cola and salt. ,Ghana was first visited by Portuguese traders in 1470, and through the 17th century was used by various European powers ? England, Denmark, Holland, Germany ? as a center for their slave trade. Britain achieved control of the Gold Coast in 1821, and established the colony of Gold Coast in 1874. In 1901, Britain annexed the neighboring Ashanti Kingdom; the same year a northern region known as the Northern Territories became a British protectorate. Part of the former Germany colony of Togoland was mandated to Britain by the League of Nation and administered as part of the Gold Coast. The state of Ghana, comprising the Gold Coast had British Togoland, obtained independence on March 6, 1957, becoming the first black African colony to do so. On July 1, 1960, Ghana adopted a republican constitution, changing from a ministerial to a presidential form of government. The government was overthrown, the constitution suspended and the National Assembly dissolved by the Bhanian Army and police on Feb. 24, 1966. The government was returned to civilian authority in Oct. 1969, but was again seized by military officers in a bloodless coup on Jan. 13, 1972. The country was again returned to civilian rule on Sept. 24, 1979. The junior military officers once again seized power on Dec. 31, 1981 and ruled the country until Jan. 7, 1993 when power was handed over to a civilian government. Ghana remains a member of the Commonwealth of Nations, with executive authority vested in the Supreme Military Council.,, ,Ghana?s monetary denomination of ?cedi? is derived from the word ?sedie? meaning cowrie, a shell money commonly employed by coastal tribes.,, Monetary System:,,, ,1 Shilling = 12 Pence,, ,1 Pound = 20 Shillings to 1965,, ,1 Cedi = 100 Pesewas, 1965-,,

GHANA P-4 AU+, 1-1-1958, 1000 POUNDS, BANK BUILDING, VERY LIGHT STAINS, 950 Front Side Back Side
GHANA P-12 UNC, 8-1-1969, 10 CEDIS, NATIVE ART PRODUCT, RED, 75 Front Side Back Side
GHANA P-16d UNC, 2-1-1978, 10 CEDIS, RED, DAM, 6 Front Side Back Side