The State of Bahrain, a group of islands in the Persian Gulf off Saudi Arabia, has an area of 258 sq. mi. (622 sq. km.) and a population of 618,000. Capital: Manama. Prior to the depression of the 1930s, the economy was based on pearl fishing. Petroleum and aluminum industries and transit trade are the vital factors in the economy today. ,The Portuguese occupied the islands in 1507 but were driven out in 1602 by the Arab subjects of Persia. They in turn were ejected by Arabs of the Ataiba tribes from the Arabian mainland who have maintained possession up to the present time. The ruling sheikh of Bahrain entered into relations with Great Britain in 1805 and concluded a binding treaty of protection in 1861. In 1968 Great Britain decided to terminate treaty relations with the Persian Gulf sheikhdoms. Unable to agree on terms of union with the other sheikhdoms, Bahrain decided to seek independence as a separate entity and became fully independent on August 15, 1971.,, Rulers:,,, ,Isa Bin Sulman al-Khalifa, 1961-,, Monetary System:,,, ,1 Dinar = 1000 Fils,,

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