The Republic of Lebanon, situated on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea between Syria and Israel, has an area of 4,015 sq. mi. (10,400 sq. km.) and a population of 3.29 million. Capital: Beirut. The economy is based on agriculture, trade and tourism. Fruit, and other foodstuffs and textiles are exported. ,Almost at the beginning of recorded history, Lebanon appeared as the well-wooded hinterland of the Phoenicians who exploited its famous forest of cedar. The mountains were Christian refuge and Crusader stronghold. Lebanon, the history of which is essentially the same as that of Syria, came under control of the Ottoman, Turks early in the 16th century. Following the collapse of the Ottoman Empire after World War I, Lebanon, along with Syria, became a French mandate. The French drew a border around the predominantly Christian Lebanon Sanjak or administrative subdivision and on Sept. 1, 1920 proclaimed the area the State of Grand Lebanon (Etat du Grand Liban), a republic under French control. France announced the independence of Lebanon during WWII after Vichy control was deposed on Nov. 26, 1941. It became fully independent on Jan. 1, 1944, but the last British and French troops did not leave until the end of August 1946.,, ,Since the late 1950?s the independent Palestinian movement caused government friction. By 1976 large-scale fighting broke out, which continued thru 1990. In April 1996, Israel staged a 17 day bombardment of the southern areas.,, Rulers:,,, ,French,, Monetary System:,,, ,1 Livre (Pound) = 100 Piastres,,

LEBANON P-42 XF-AU 6-11-1950, 25 P.T., VIOLET, CEDAR TREE,COUPLE OF STAPLE HOLES 165 Front Side Back Side
LEBANON P-61c UNC, ND, 1980, 1 LIVRE, ANCIENT RUINS, BROWN,' 5 Front Side Back Side
LEBANON P-62d UNC, ND, 1986, 5 LIVRES, FOOTBRIDGE, 2 Front Side Back Side
LEBANON P-63f UNC, ND, 1986, 10 LIVRES, PURPLE, RUINS, 2 Front Side Back Side
LEBANON P-65b UNC, ND, 1978, 50 LIRE, TEMPLE, WTM, CEDAR,' 45 Front Side Back Side
LEBANON P-66c UNC, ND, 1988, 100 LIVRES, MOSQUE, CEDAR,' 4 Front Side Back Side
LEBANON P-67b UNC, 1983, 250 LIVRES, RUINS, ANCIENT SCULPTURE,' 58 Front Side Back Side
LEBANON P-67d UNC, 1988, 250 LIVRES, RUINS, ANCIENT SCULPTURE,' 3 Front Side Back Side
LEBANON P-68 UNC, 1-1-1988, 500 LIVRES, CITY PANORAMA, 4 Front Side Back Side
LEBANON P-69 UNC, 1-1-1988, 1000 LIVRES, RUINS, MAP, 6 Front Side Back Side