The Islamic Republic of Pakistan, located on the Indian subcontinent between India and Afghanistan, has an area of 310,404 sq. mi. (803,943 sq. km.) and a population of 156 million. Capital: Islamabad. Pakistan is mainly an agricultural land. Yam, cotton, rice and leather are exported. ,Afghan and Turkish intrusions into northern India between the 11th and 18th centuries resulted in large numbers of Indians being converted into Islam. The idea of a separate Moslem state independent of Hindu India developed in the 1930?s and was agreed to by Britain in 1946. The Islamic majority areas of India, consisting of the separate geographic entitles known as East and West Pakistan, achieved self-government as Pakistan, with dominion status in the British Commonwealth, when the British withdrew from India on Aug. 14, 1947. Pakistan became a republic in 1956. When a basic constitutional crisis initiated by the election of Dec. 1, 1970 ? the direct general election in Pakistani history ? could not be resolved by the leaders of East and West Pakistan, the East Pakistanis seceded from the Islamic Republic of Pakistan (March 26, 1971) and formed the independent People?s Republic of Bangladesh.,, ,Pakistan was expelled from the Commonwealth on January 20, 1972 and readmitted again on October 1, 1989.,, Monetary System:,,, ,1 Rupee = 16 Annas to 1961,, ,1 Rupee = 100 Paisa (Pice), 1961-,,

PAKISTAN P-13 UNC, ND, 1953, 10 RUPEES, MOSQUE+PARK, BROWN,' 45 Front Side Back Side
PAKISTAN P-14 XF-AU, ND, 1953, 100 RUPEES, PURPLE, STAMP ON BACK, 125 Front Side Back Side
PAKISTAN P-14 VF, ND, 1953, 100 RUPEES, PURPLE, DECENT LOOKING,, 75 Front Side Back Side
PAKISTAN P-19a UNC, ND, 1964, 500 RUP, RED, JINAH, DACCA O/P.,' 60 Front Side Back Side
PAKISTAN P-31 AU ND, 1975, RED, CLOCK TOWER, JINAH AT RIGHT,' 23 Front Side Back Side