The Department of Reunion, an overseas department of France located in the Indian Ocean 400 miles (640 km.) east of Madagascar, has an area of 969 sq. mi. (2,510 sq. km.) and a population of 556,000. Capital: Saint-Denis. The island?s volcanic soil is extremely fertile. Sugar, vanilla, coffee and rum are exported. ,Although first visited by the Portuguese navigators in the 16th century, Reunion was uninhabited when claimed for France by Capt. Goubert in 1638. It was first colonized as Isle de Bourdon by the French in 1662 as a layover station for ships rounding the Cape of Good Hope to India. It was renamed Reunion in 1793. The island remained in French possession except for the period of 1810-15, when it was occupied by the British. Reunion became an overseas department of France in 1946, and in 1958 voted to continue that status within the new French Union. Banque de France notes were introduced Jan. 1, 1973.,, Rulers:,,, ,French, 1638-1810, 1810-,, ,British, 1810-1815,, Monetary System:,,, ,1 Franc = 100 Centimes,, ,1 Nouveau Franc = 50 Old Francs, 1960,,

REUINION P-14 UNC, ND, L-1901, 5 FR., RED, GREY BACK, RARE, 275 Front Side Back Side