The Republic of Kenya, located on the east coast of central Africa, has an area of 224,961 sq. mi. (582,646 sq. km.) and a population of 30.34 million. Capital: Nairobi. The predominantly agricultural country exports coffee, tea and petroleum products. The Arabs came to the coast of Kenya in the 8th century and established posts to conduct an ivory and slave trade. The Portuguese, the inveterate wanderers of the Age of Exploration followed in the 16th century. After a lengthy and bitter struggle with the sultans of Zanzibar who controlled much of the southeastern coast of Africa, the Portuguese were driven away (late 17th century) and for many years Kenya simply a port of call on the route to India. German and British interests in the 19th century produced agreements defining their respective spheres of influence. The British sphere was administered by the Imperial East Africa Co. until 1895, when the British government purchased the company?s rights in the East Africa Protectorate which in 1920 was designated as Kenya Colony and protectorate- the latter being a 10 mile wide coastal strip together with Mombasa, Lamu and other small islands nominally retained by the Sultan of Zanzibar. Kenya achieved self-government in June of 1963 as a consequence of 1952-60 Mau Mau terrorist campaign to secure land reforms and political rights for Africans. Independence was attained on Dec. 12, 1963. Kenya became a republic in 1964. It is a member of the commonwealth of nations. The president is Chief of State and Head of Government. Notes of the East African Currency Board were in use during the first years. RULERS: British to 1964 MONETARY SYSTEM: 1 Shilling (Shilingi)=100 Cents

KENYA P8b F-VF, 1-7-1971, 20 SHILLINGS, BLUE, KENYATTA, 60 Front Side Back Side
KENYA p-8b F-VF 1-7-1971, 20 SHILLINGS, BLUE, KENYATTA 12 Front Side Back Side
KENYA P-19c UNC, 1-7-1984, 5 SHILINGI, GIRRAFES, ORANGE, 10 Front Side Back Side
KENYA P-20c UNC, 1-7-1985, 10 SHILLINGS, MOI, GREEN, 13 Front Side Back Side
KENYA P-21d, UNC, 1-7-1985, 20 SHILIGI, NATIVES READING, 15 Front Side Back Side
KENYA P-22a UNC, 1-7-1980, 50 SHILINGI, AIRPLANE, AIRPORT, 22 Front Side Back Side
KENYA P-30e UNC, 1-7-1992, 500 SHILLINGS, MOI/CLOCK,M/C, 65 Front Side Back Side