The Kingdom of Denmark, a constitutional monarchy located at the mouth of the Baltic Sea, has an area of 16,639 sq. mi. (43,070 sq. km.) and a population of 5.2 million. Capital: Copenhagen. Most of the country is arable. Agriculture, which used to employ the majority of the people, is now conducted by large farms served by cooperatives. The largest industries are food processing, iron and metal, and shipping. Machinery, meats (chiefly bacon), dairy products and chemicals are exported. ,Denmark, a great power during the Viking period of the 9th-11th centuries, conducted raids on western Europe and England, and in the 11th century united England, Denmark and Norway under the rule of King Canute. Despite a struggle between the crown and the nobility (13th-14th centuries) which forced the king to grant a written constitution, Queen Margrethe (1353-1412) succeeded in united Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Greenland under the Danish crown, placing all Nordic countries under the rule of Denmark. Sweden and Finland were lost in 1523, and an unwise alliance with Napoleon caused the loss of Norway to Sweden in 1814. In the following years a liberal movement was fostered, which succeeded in making Denmark a constitutional monarchy in 1849. ,The present decimal system of currency was introduced in 1874. As a result of a referendum held Sept. 28, 2000, the currency of the European Monetary Union, the Euro, will not be introduced in Denmark in foreseeable future. Rulers:, ,Frederik IV, 1699-1730 ,Christian VI, 1730-1746 ,Frederik V, 1746-1766 ,Christian VII, 1766-1808 ,Frederik VI, 1808-1839 ,Christian VIII, 1839-1848 ,Frederik VII, 1848-1863 ,Christian IX, 1863-1906 ,Frederik VIII, 1906-1912 ,Christian X, 1912-1947 ,Frederik IX, 1947-1972,,, ,Margrethe II, 1972-,,, Monetary System:,,,, ,1 Rigsdaler dansk Courant = 96 Shilling Courant = 6 Mark; at the same time, ,,,1 Rigsdaler Species = 120 Skilling Courant, 1713-1813 ,1 Rigsbankdaler = 96 Rigsbankskilling (= 1/2 Rigsdaler Species), 1813-54,,, ,1 Daler Rigsmont = 96 Skilling Rigsmont (= 1 Rigsbankdaler), 1854-74,,, ,1 Krone (1/2 Rigsdaler) = 100 Ore 1874-,,,

DENMARK P-M2 XF ND, 1945, 1 KRONE, BLUE-LILAC, NICE GRADE, 125 Front Side Back Side
DENMARK P-12h AU, ND, 1921, 1 KRONE, BLUE, 25 Front Side Back Side
DENMARK P-NL UNC, ND, 1898, 1 ORE, DANISH STAMP MONEY, RARE, 35 Front Side Back Side